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Two Polls Show Presidential Race Will Be Close in Georgia… The state of Georgia has not voted for a Democrat for President since 1992. But Hillary Clinton came within about 5% of winning the Peach State in 2016 or within 212,000 votes. A Survey USA poll released today shows several Democrats beating  Donald Trump


even Fox News…. yes, Fox News polls at 51% for Trump's removal

Tough sitting at the tipping point — when 55% polled want Trump impeached. x BREAKING: A new Fox News poll shows that 55% of Americans think Trump should be impeached — and 51% believe he should be removed from office. Only 40% are opposed.#ImpeachmentTaskForce— Jon

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Swing State Presidential Polls Looking Good… Donald Trump’s approval rate is quite dismal in many of the key states that will decide the 2020 election, according to Morning Consult. This is one of a series of polls that show Trump in trouble despite an economy that has been doing well