The website 538 lists five presidential polls in Florida since April 1 and Donald Trump does not lead in any of them.

Each of the polls are by different pollsters and use different methodology.…

Presidential polls florida
Pollsters Biden Trump Dates Links
Florida Atlantic University 53 47 5/8-5/12…
Fox News 46 43 4/18-4/21…
Quinnipiac 46 42 4/16-4/20…
St. Pete Polls 48 48 4/16-4/17…
University North FL 46 40 3/31-4/4…

The poll released today by Florida Atlantic University shows Joe Biden with a lead slightly greater than the margin of error of 3.1%. Biden also has a lead greater than the 2.6% margin of error in the Quinnipiac Poll and the 1.7% margin of error for the poll from the University of North Florida.

The Florida Atlantic University poll gives Biden the best news.  In their March survey, Trump was leading 51% to 49%. It is pretty clear that the Sunshine State will once again be close.

A key group of voters are Independents, who currently are slightly breaking for Biden 41% to 39%. However, 63% of Independent voters voting for Trump are excited to support him while  50% Independent voters voting for Biden are excited to support him.

Regionally Biden leads in South Florida (Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties) 61% to 30% while Trump leads in the rest of the State 48% to 42%. Expectations of who will win vary between South Florida thinking Biden will win 56% to 44% while those in the rest of the State expect Trump to win 57% to 43%.

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