Who knew Tucker Carlson is having a “complete mental break”

Admitting you have a problem is probably the first step, but Tucker Carlson’s race-baiting served an audience niche, however problematic. What Carlson reveals to Elaina Plott in an Atlantic story is a proto-fascism not unique to the 21st Century. She captures Carlson’s Trumpian sociopathology, which might demand


Not so random thoughts – impeachment, personal, and more

Today is Sunday, which means tomorrow I report for pre-operative stuff at the hospital for the forthcoming operation on Wednesday to address the stenosis (blockage) in my left carotid artery that caused my recent stroke.   While I have no intimations of forthcoming disaster, I will

Trump Does an Epic Whine

Honest-to-goddess tweet from His Trumpiness: It’s not fair that I’m being Impeached when I’ve done absolutely nothing wrong! The Radical Left, Do Nothing Democrats have become the Party of Hate. They are so bad for our Country! 4:38 PM · Dec 13, 2019·Twitter for iPhone


did Trump violate the Hatch Act (yet again)

Was wearing campaign gear appropriate to the #ArmyNavyGame. Trump could have skirted actions applicable to his staff by sticking with his campaign’s “USA” caps. However, he went full MAGA/KAG this time, rather than wearing a Commander-in-Chief / POTUS cap usually worn by his predecessors. Will at least one

Trump violates the Hatch Act yet again

Trump could have skirted this, as he has before with his campaign’s “USA” caps, but he went full DBAD this time. x Literally anyone who’s worked in campaigns or government offices knows not to mix campaign with official or vice versa.— Max Barrile (@Barrile_Max) December

The Okie Doke

If you look up the slang term Okie Doke, the definition reads in part, “to buy something you aren't selling.”  In the longer than necessary marathon markup hearing for the articles of impeachment accusing President Donald Trump of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, Chair

We're Being Ruled by Sadists

Ever since he showed up on the national stage, Trump has been called — with good reason — a narcissist, a megalomaniac, a disordered personality. But he is also a sadist, and he leads a sadistic base. This point has been raised before on this

Tacloban, the Philippines, in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan

We always knew they would be first.

The horrors of climate change are unfolding around the world with smothering heatwaves, agricultural losses from flooding, and drought — higher storm surge along with powerful and deadly cyclonic windstorms armed with heavy rainfall and wildfire. The United States and other developed nations experience every