Yes, I said it…

Attorney General William Barr is either incompetent, stupid or lying, take your pick. Yesterday in an interview, following the release of the Inspector General’s report absolving the FBI of working in concert to keep Donald Trump from the presidency, Barr responded with the words, “I

The American Conservative Calls for Impeachment

We spend a lot of time calling out conservatives for bowing and scraping to the Corruptor-in-Chief, so it seems only fair to acknowledge when some of them got off their knees and speak the truth. Today The American Conservative said The Case for Impeachment is


Clear and Present Danger will gaslight in Pennsylvania tonight at 7pm ET

One anticipates that Trump flushes “10 to 15 times” down the Hershey highway (HersheyPark Drive) in tonight’s 7pm ET Hershey PA speech. Pence will also be there so expect something slightly longer and with above average lies/falsehoods. It’s a 10,500 seat venue. Trump supporters “from

Politico wedgies the left: “don't tase us, bro'”

The usual overgeneralizations apply as Politico tries to separate liberals from whatever adherents to the left of that position are calling themselves. They’ve chosen Jacobin as this week’s strawman to separate Sanders Democrats from Warren Democrats. As the 2020 campaign has unfolded, Warren has, if anything,

Black Community, Raise Your Hands

In the Republican Party’s continued plunge into racism, former U.N. Ambassador and South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley tethered herself to white nationalism and bungee jumped into the valley. Speaking to erstwhile Fox News gabber Glenn Beck last Friday, Haley said, “We don’t have hateful people

CNN has yet another GOP problem

Last winter, CNN for weeks stood by its extraordinary and inexplicable decision to hire Sarah Isgur Flores, a career Republican Party operative with absolutely no journalism experience, to be the network’s political editor. A hardcore partisan, Isgur spent her career spinning for Republicans such as Ted

Rahm Emmanuel decimated GOP Trump-Hate impeachment talking point.

Former President Obama Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, snuffs out Republican talking points about Trump hate being responsible for Trump’s impeachment. He did not lose his cool as he listened to the misinformation. Republican strategist Alice Stewart attempted to give Trump’s impeachment a Trump-hate narrative. Emanuel

WaPo Has the Knives Out for Warren

Until recently, Warren and Buttigieg had avoided attacking each other, but lately that’s changed. Warren said Buttigieg needed to be more forthcoming about his consulting work with McKinsey. In response, Buttigieg said Warren should release more of her tax returns (she’s released 11 years’ worth)