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Is Arizona Ready to Turn Blue? The Numbers Look Promising

Last year, the state of Virginia culminated its transformation from one of the most Republican states to electing a Democratic controlled legislature for the first time in a generation. What will be the next state to transform from a dependable Republican to swing state or better, maybe the


Get Rid of the worst of the GOP..

I could rant and rant about how Florida went from a lovely sub tropical state that was  more purple than red but we have had some real lazy people not doing all they could in the State party and the folks with money like the

Lady Justice is Blind, not Stupid

Lady Justice has functioned very well—for years, being blind, but now Donald Trump, William Barr, and  Republican officialdom are rendering her mute.  Last night, and for as long as Attorney General Barr does not collapse under the weight of a tweet, he publicly admitted the

The “Everything Terrible Trump Has Done So Far” Omnibus (Week 160)

As part of the ongoing project to catalog every awful thing the Trump Administration has done as a reference for future political arguments and whatever few posterity survives to see 2020, here’s everything awful the Trump Administration has done this week. Sens. Grassley and Johnson


Bernie versus Bloomberg: could super-Tuesday become stupid-Tuesday

So many different games of the middling sort. From Nikki Haley invoking “liberal socialist” to what ever counts as appeals to “moderates”. Moderates’ fear of extremism and controversy will get more complicated as 2016 will get revisited by the prospect of a contested convention. Salt’s

Wannabe Dictator Trump is Bringing Fascism to America

There really is no bottom. Now Trump is directing his corrupt Justice Department to investigate and prosecute (persecute) his critics. Meanwhile, he lobbies for light sentences and dangles pardons for his bootlicking sycophantic criminal accomplices. This is not normal. And it demonstrates that Republicans who

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Barr Agrees to Testify. Now What?

The House Judiciary Committee has just released a letter it sent to AG Barr confirming his agreement to testify before them on March 31st. The letter lists several specific topics the committee wants to ask him about: The removal USDA Jessie Liu Rudy Giuliani’s “process”


It may be irony, schadenfreude or coincidence but we are crossing paths at the intersection of politics and  Marvel or DC Comics.  We have a blustering Joker as Head of State, Mr. Freeze as his second, and an assortment of Two-faces, Riddlers and a top-hatted

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Chris Hayes: Bernie’s only candidate checking all boxes

Bernie Sanders won New Hampshire. MSNBC and the MSM just about disregarded Elizabeth Warren as they continue to malign Bernie Sanders and misinform about his strength. Not Chris Hayes. Chris Hayes tells the inconvenient truth about Bernie Sanders x x YouTube Video Brian Williams was


#KremlinAnnex Tuesday week 83 protest

x Yes! Walt please go to #KremlinAnnex these people have been out there in rain, sleet, snow and gloom of night working to save our democracy🗽 — ZenTaoPrincess (@ZenTaoPrincess) February 11, 2020 x Have you read about our team yet? ✌️🇺🇸 Kremlin Annex: Five women

DoJ may reverse itself on Stone sentencing after Trump Tweets

Shocked, Shocked… will sentence leniency compel Trump to do more criming. x #RogerStone Senior DOJ official tells @CBSNews Department was shocked to see sentencing recommendation Stone case. This is not what was briefed to Dept. The Dept. believes recommendation is extreme, excessive, grossly disproportionate to offenses…#DEVELOPING—

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Mike Bloomberg secret racist tape worse than you think.

While many are shocked by racist words coming out of Mike Bloomberg. I find it rather amusing. Patriarchs and Oligarchs of his ilk share the same prejudices and ignorance. An uninformed Mike Bloomberg likely still believes this. x x YouTube Video So what did this bastion