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Zuckerberg versus Sorkin: Godzilla versus Mothra

Life inside the neoliberal Octagon. Aaron Sorkin criticizes Facebook ad policy and Mark Zuckerberg tries to use Sorkin’s text against him. This on a day when Ivanka compares her dad to Thomas Jefferson. In Opinion "This can’t possibly be the outcome you and I want,

Top Anti-Trump communities on Facebook

Stop your search for the Top Anti-Trump Communities on Facebook. The Politicus has you covered! If we are missing one of your favorites. Please add them in the comments and we will continuously build this list based on your suggestions. FU Trump Investigation of the Trump-Russia

Why is Facebook trying to re-elect Trump?

Bullying works. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been on a GOP charm offensive, and it seems to be working for the social media behemoth as it makes its allegiance to the Republican Party more open. In the days preceding his latest testimony before Congress, Zuckerberg had

Of course Trump should be kicked off Twitter

Enough is enough. If there was a tipping point for Donald Trump’s blatant abuse of Twitter with his hate speech, it may have come when he recently posted a series of tweets warning of a second Civil War if he were to be impeached and

Facebook might be a GOP media organ … surprise, surprise

New Popular Info article describes how completely the post-2016 use of Facebook for political purposes has been compromised beyond foreign ad buys and manipulation by malign actors. 2. "Decisions are made to benefit Republicans because they are paranoid about their reputation among conservative Republicans, particularly

Are Trump and Barr Extorting Facebook?

Natasha Bertrand and Daniel Lippmann have a piece up on Politico that suggests that drumpf may be using the Justice Department and the threat of breaking up Facebook to pressure Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg into allowing his campaign to publish bold face lies on the platform. Of course

Facebook is refusing to take down altered Pelosi video

I lost a few Facebook “friends” in 2016 after challenging them on their false and misleading posts. I never unfriended anyone, mind you. They were simply allergic to facts and went into anaphylactic shock whenever evidence of the ocher hellbeast’s incompetence, venality, immorality, and fluorescent

Well, crap! Facebook finally got me!

It was nice while it lasted, but nothing is forever. I gotta hand it to Mark Zuckerberg and his band of merry social misfits, they’re quick on the ball. It only took them 3 ½ years, but at long last my dirty little secret is open

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Zuckerberg: I'll Do Anything For a Buck.

Think Progress has this article about how Zuckerberg won’t really do anything about fake news, such as banning Holocaust deniers: “I’m Jewish, and there’s a set of people who deny that the Holocaust happened. I find that deeply offensive. But at the end of the