Trump's approval rating falls into the 30s in several polls

On the one hand, this is a heartening development. On the other hand, grossly mishandling a pandemic, threatening to sic the military on your own citizens, and tear-gassing peaceful protesters for a sacrilegious photo op that makes you look like a constipated barn owl should put your approval rating in the low single digits. And it would if not for all the, you know, racists.



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A Gallup poll conducted from May 28-June 4 (significantly, after George Floyd’s death and both before and after the assault on Lafayette Square) shows Trump’s approval rating dropping to 39 percent — fully 10 points below his approval rating in May.

Meanwhile, CNN’s poll, which recently sent Trump into a tizzy when it showed him far behind Joe Biden nationally, puts IMPOTUS’ approval rating at a limp 38 percent — down a full 7 points from the network’s May 7-10 poll.

This is great news, but we need to keep working. Because you know how short Americans’ memories are. Trump should have been toast after Charlottesville, but somehow a large percentage of the population continually forgets that he’s a racist. And that likely won’t change unless he shows up at his next rally in an obergruppenführer uniform. (And even that, I suspect, would shave off only a point or two from his poll numbers.)

But we remember he’s a giant shit-dirigible. And we need to remind everyone.

Let’s GOTV and work as hard as we can for Joe.

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