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You Give Me Yovanovitch and I'll Give You Biden

This story’s been up for over 3 hours now; I’m surprised no one has picked up on it: Ukraine prosecutor offered information related to Biden in exchange for ambassador’s ouster, newly released materials show That would be the crooked Ukraine prosecutor, Yuri Lutsenko, who lost

Wikipedia Swift-Boats Biden

Wikipedia, and various reactionary web sites, are currently “reporting” that Frank Sheeran, deceased Mafia hoodlum, once claimed that Joe Biden’s first Senate campaign asked him to shut down a newspaper with an illegal teamster strike.  Wiki asserts in the supporting footnotes that:  “The Teamsters Union

Biden floats the idea of picking a Republican running mate

CBS News’s Bo Erickson is reporting that Joe Biden, one of over a dozen candidates seeking our party’s nomination, is open to the idea of picking a Republican to be his vice-presidential nominee if he were to win the Democratic presidential nomination: .@JoeBiden was asked

Joe Biden NEEDS An Epiphany About Republicans.

Joe Biden needs an intervention or a come to Jesus moment when it comes to his Republican “friends.” Trump’s Senate Impeachment Defense Will Be to Put Joe Biden on Trial. There’s every reason to believe Trump will try to mount an extended attack on Biden