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The 'Grift' of Gab

Grifters have always been with us, spreading self-serving lies to improve their stature, politically, athletically, financially and for entertainment. Examples like Benedict Arnold angry over being passed over for promotions betrayed his country; Bernie Madoff currently cooling his heels in prison grifted massive amounts of

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It's Time to Quarantine Trump From the Coronavirus Briefings

What's a malignant narcissist to do when his primary source of personal gratification is deemed too perilous to continue. That's the dilemma that Donald Trump is facing as the COVID-19 (coronavirus) crisis puts an end to the cult rallies that feed his ravenous ego. For


Italian COVID-19 death toll passes China's

The death toll in Italy from the coronavirus has overtaken China's in a stark illustration of how the outbreak has pivoted toward Europe and the United States. “Italy has world's second oldest population, 87% of those killed by COVID-19 are over 70”. Italy’s population is 4% of China’s. There will


It's a Donald J. TrumPandemic (sic,sic,sic)

Aside from another op-ed by Kellyanne Conway’s husband on her boss, we have Trump’s number. This time it could be a COVID-19 death toll of over a million, depending on the counter-measures, and despite Trump’s incompetence. After weeks of denial and deflection, a seemingly chastened


#KremlinAnnex protest Week 88 goes Online!

The protest goes online in the interest of social distance. I will post updates as they occur, probably once week because we still persist in pursuing the final goal. Heck if you haven’t caught up on your reading, try the Mueller Report to win nearly


Didn't you already buy enough munitions when Obama was in office

With so much COVID-19 opportunism going on, the gun stores are getting a slight uptick even if the best social distance is your sight picture. In the US COVID-19 has become a prepper’s holiday that made people hoard toilet paper and water needlessly because coronavirus is


Trump remains part of the problem of US COVID-19 testing failure.

The usual “anti-government” dismantling of the state preached by Trumpists rationalized their inability to contingency plan for testing failure. It started even before they took office. x There were 3 role-playing scenarios: hurricane, pandemic and cyber incident. Obama team discussed need to anticipate requirements, stay