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Vulnerable Republican Senators Unpopular in Their Own States… Morning Consult is out with their rankings of Senators’ approval for the last quarter of 2019 in their home states. A number of Republicans running for re-election might have problems. Susan Collins might really have something to be “concerned” about. Vulnerable GOP Senators Up for Re-election Senator

WaPo Has the Knives Out for Warren

Until recently, Warren and Buttigieg had avoided attacking each other, but lately that’s changed. Warren said Buttigieg needed to be more forthcoming about his consulting work with McKinsey. In response, Buttigieg said Warren should release more of her tax returns (she’s released 11 years’ worth)

Two Polls Show Presidential Race Will Be Close in Georgia… The state of Georgia has not voted for a Democrat for President since 1992. But Hillary Clinton came within about 5% of winning the Peach State in 2016 or within 212,000 votes. A Survey USA poll released today shows several Democrats beating  Donald Trump

Billionaires Running For Office Produce Mediagasm.

Did you know that Michael Bloomberg’s entry into the Democratic presidential race upends it?  Really.  I’m not kidding.  I know because the Media tells me so.  And it is especially bad for Joe Biden.  Oh, it won’t help Pete Buttigieg either. Bloomberg takes the air