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Florida Congressman Threatens Georgia Governor, Who Ignores Him

Master Bootlicker and All-Around Toady Matt Gaetz, whom GQ calls the “Trumpiest Congressman in Washington,” is out there again lighting fires for his master. Gov. Brian Kemp (R-GA) wants to appoint Kerry Loeffler, a local finance executive and owner of the local WNBA franchise, to

Rudy the insidious bagman helped Florida Man solicit a bribe

It truly is that simple, The whistleblower is irrelevant, Lindsey won’t even consider the case when it comes before the Senate, and more deposition transcripts are coming. Step-by-step, Gordon Sondland won’t be left holding that bag. David Corn and Dan Friedman in Mother Jones identify that

Florida Man claims witness intimidation isn't a sign he's impeachable

Moron Watergate is on for another roller-coaster week of disinformation about the rule of law and constitutional oaths  Trump Blows Up And Says He’s Getting “F*cking Killed” On Impeachment – — juju (@jjsmokkieBOY57) November 4, 2019 Politico had the insider account: He’s ravenously consuming