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Now THAT'S how you debate!

There’s nothing worse than a blockbuster upcoming movie that spends three months showing nonstop “teaser” ads touting the flick, and then you plunk down $12 only to realize that all of the exciting parts in the teaser ads were the best parts of the whole

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Why is the New York Times afraid of MSNBC?

Nervous that critics might view the paper as too partisan and too liberal, The New York Times has told some of its reporters to stay off MSNBC, and specifically off Rachel Maddow's award-winning program in prime time. MSNBC president Phil Griffin sat down with Times executive

Media Narrative on Democrats: You Are Screwed!

Because I’m at home, I get to see a lot of MSNBC living with my elderly Mom, and I have had this “emerging” Media narrative of Democrats are so politically screwed shoved into every orifice of my body.  Has anyone else noticed this?  Here are

The Democrats “In a Bind” Narrative.

I do not know about the rest of the media, but some on MSNBC — Andrea Mitchell out with her pomp pomps —  are really pushing the narrative that it is Democrats who are in a political bind with the Mueller Report.  According to the narrative, people

The times, they are a-changin'

There is an ill wind blowing in Washington DC right now, and the staff in the west wing had better make sure that all of the windows are closed, or before too long, His Lowness could end up catching a cold that could be the

NBC Executive Andy Lack Is a Super Genius.

Way to go NBC News Chief Andy Lack on your hiring/firing of Megyn Kelly.  I come not to praise Andy Lack, but I sure hope that NBC will bury him too.  No, I do not think that Lack’s attempt to woo crazy Fox viewers to

Mr Trump, meet Petard. Mr Petard, meet hoist.

All of those disgusting, dishonest people back there. I call them the fake news    Donald Trump If there’s one nice thing about having “like, the best brain,” the way Trump does, it means that he doesn’t have to waste any time listening to stupid

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John Kasich is a horses *ss. Part II

A few days ago, coming off of being down and out for a bit, I wrote an article taking John Kasich behind the woodshed. In the article, I referred to him as a condescending little prick, for his cavalier and pandering attitude in the way