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It Must be Said…

There are misnomers in this great big wide country of ours. One is that non-voting minorities, young people and women, are responsible for the election of Donald Trump. Barack Obama was elected with unprecedented numbers of blacks, Latinos, and young people between 18-29.  That record-breaking

Unjust Desserts

Why can’t we trust this man? Just a week after the President may have disgusted a large part of his base, the military, by interfering with the Navy’s decision to strip Navy Seal/Petty Officer First Class, Eddie Gallagher of his Trident pin, he unexpectedly visited

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Drop the Money Turkey, You are Free to Go?

If the cops walk in, while I am in the middle of a bank robbery and I pull off my mask, drop my gun and shout, I was not robbing the bank!; the cops should let me go. If anyone questions my logic my excuse-makers

Modern Day Vigilantes: Stop And ‘Risk’

The evolution of change is usually the result of slow transformation; the wheel led to wagons; the wagons led to cars, cars led to rockets and rockets led to video games.  The announcement of Michael Bloomberg into the race for the Democratic nomination for President

The Test Of Joe Biden's Toughness and Electibility Is Now.

Whether Joe Biden supporters like it or not, now is the testing of Joe Biden’s thesis that he is the best Democrat to defeat Trump.   Yes, I am not a Biden supporter.  Check that off.   But Trump had decided to crash the Democratic primary process,

Slow them down…?

We are in the 21st Century, not the fourteenth, nor is it the 1860s. Yet, we have a President who, in the span of one week, has reportedly threatened to use an alligator filled moat at the border, start a Civil War, execute a man