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Florida Congressman Threatens Georgia Governor, Who Ignores Him

Master Bootlicker and All-Around Toady Matt Gaetz, whom GQ calls the “Trumpiest Congressman in Washington,” is out there again lighting fires for his master. Gov. Brian Kemp (R-GA) wants to appoint Kerry Loeffler, a local finance executive and owner of the local WNBA franchise, to

Two Polls Show Presidential Race Will Be Close in Georgia… The state of Georgia has not voted for a Democrat for President since 1992. But Hillary Clinton came within about 5% of winning the Peach State in 2016 or within 212,000 votes. A Survey USA poll released today shows several Democrats beating  Donald Trump

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Jon Ossoff to Challenge Sen. David Perdue in Georgia… Jon Ossoff who gained fame as a 2017 candidate for a special election in Georgia’s 6th congressional district where he came within four percent of winning is now taking a new challenge in running against Republican Senator David Perdue. The 32-year-old announced his Senate run