We don’t know how Trump’s infection by Covid-19 will affect the presidential race which has remained incredibly stable for more than a year. One would have to guess it will, to some degree, dishearten his supporters and destroy his narrative that the pandemic is pretty much going away.

Most likely there will be no more presidential debates or mass gatherings. though there will be a Vice Presidential debate. Much else depends on how severe Trump’s symptoms become which we won’t know for at least 12 days (and even then the White House may lie).

But it’s no fun not to make some guesses. The great debate seem to move the polls in Biden’s direction by a point or two. This is obviously a much bigger event.  One would have to think that this is at least a three point event.

But hold on to your seats. We may being talking about President Pence in a few days (at least temporarily) or maybe sooner.


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*= Partisan poll