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Are Trump's Cult Rallies Breeding Grounds for the Coronavirus?

On Wednesday Donald Trump held a press conference wherein he typically underplayed the risks of the spreading coronavirus (Covid-19). He repeatedly portrayed it as being effectively under control, which is not remotely true. He even contradicted the officials he introduced as the team he was

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Pod Save America, “Elizabeth Warren is right on the filibuster.”

I know I’ve written about it a lot but it’s still my top issue and while tonight’s debate was horribly moderated, but Pod Save America said it best about tonight’s debate: x Warren is right on the filibuster. #DemDebate— Pod Save America (@PodSaveAmerica) February


Democrats are social democrats and not “socialists”

Even during the struggle with having Dixiecrats in its midst, the modern Democratic party has stood for social justice, however compromised because of the nation’s conflicted constitutional history. The “social democrat” media frame must offset name-calling of “socialist/communist”, since America’s mixed regulatory economy does resemble economies