Two Polls Show Presidential Race Will Be Close in Georgia…

The state of Georgia has not voted for a Democrat for President since 1992. But Hillary Clinton came within about 5% of winning the Peach State in 2016 or within 212,000 votes.

A Survey USA poll released today shows several Democrats beating  Donald Trump in Georgia as the candidates gather in Atlanta tonight to debate each other. The poll was taken November 15-18.

* Joe Biden edges Trump, 47% to 43%.
* Bernie Sanders edges Trump, 47% to 44%, on the edge of the survey’s error margin.
* Elizabeth Warren edges Trump by a statistically insignificant 1 percentage point, 46% to 45%.
* Trump edges Pete Buttigieg, 45% to 41%.
* Trump edges Kamala Harris, 46% to 43%, on the edge of the survey’s error margin.
* Trump edges Michael Bloomberg by a statistically insignificant 2 percentage points, 44% to 42%.…

Climate Nexus has also released a poll taken November 4-10 showing Georgia is a competitive state between Trump and Democratic candidates.

Joe Biden leads Trump 48% to 47%, in the poll. Elizabeth Warren is tied with Trump at 47%. Trump leads Bernie Sanders 48% to 46%. Likewise Trump leads Pete Buttigieg 49% to 42% and leads Kamala Harris 49% to 42%.…

Adding to the interest, Georgia will have two crucial seats in the 2020 election. Cook Political Ratings says both are “likely Republican”.