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can the Kamala Harris campaign turn around

It’s possible to call this NY Times article a hit piece but it does have extensive background even as it seems pessimistic about a turnaround. Even with a couple of months away from the Iowa caucuses, the Harris campaign must address the charges of leadership problems and

It's still early for time to be running out

There have been some challenges for the Harris campaign, including some being framed by RW and MSM, with a recent staff shake-up. Some of us want the Harris campaign to overcome difficult internal strife in a fluid and historic year. Many excuses are being made as

Of course Trump should be kicked off Twitter

Enough is enough. If there was a tipping point for Donald Trump’s blatant abuse of Twitter with his hate speech, it may have come when he recently posted a series of tweets warning of a second Civil War if he were to be impeached and

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NYT, CNN play Gotcha! with Senator Kamala Harris' Environmental Record.

The Exxon oil wells off the California coast are a dark cancer on our fair nation.  And when the pipeline that carried Exxon’s oil from those wells broke, and bespoiled  miles of coast line and poisoned wildlife, Then-California Attorney General Kamala Harris vigorously intervened. Harris and her successor

Warren selfies now available at your local airport

Well, if you’re lucky enough to share a gate with her, anyway. I can’t imagine this can go on forever — what with Secret Service protection being what it is — but boy is it charming for the moment. It’s also an effective strategy for showing she’s not