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Possibly Some Good News for Progressives in Kentucky Senate Race.

Progressives in Kentucky may have something to cheer about with regards to next year’s U.S. Senate race against Moscow Mitch:  Matt Jones has formed an exploratory committee. Kentucky Sports Radio host Matt Jones is forming an exploratory committee for a potential U.S. Senate bid against Mitch

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Kentucky Political News: McConnell, Bevin, Beshear, and Matt Jones.

Not sure what got into the Courier-Journal’s coffee, but they had a lot of political news today. The Prince of Fucking Darkness — Mitch McConnell — is doing fine with Wall Street campaign contributions. FRANKFORT — Boosted by big bundles of Wall Street contributions, Senate Majority Leader

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Initial Thoughts on Amy McGrath.

I’m grateful and pleased that Amy McGrath has decided to challenge Senator Mitch McConnell in 2020.  To be honest, I was convinced that McConnell would get a pass for next year.  Before Amy McGrath came along, there was literally no one with the balls to