North Carolina Polls: Biden leads by 7%, Cooper by 20%, and Cunningham by 9%…

The NBC/Marist College Poll, a pollster rated A+ by 538, gives Joe Biden a significant lead of 7% in North Carolina, a state where the polls have been back and forth, usually within the margin of error. Biden has the support of 51% compared to 44% for Trump.

Just as important is the 9% lead Democratic challenger Cal Cunningham has over Thom Tillis for the Senate seat that may well decide which party has control on Congress. Cunningham leads the incumbent Republican 50% to 41%.

The Tar Heel state also has a governor’s race this year and Democratic incumbent Roy Cooper has a strong 58% to 38% showing over Republican Dan Forrest.

The Marist Poll poll finds that 39% of North Carolina voters approve of the job Trump is doing. Further, the state’s voters think the Biden will do a better job of dealing with pandemic by 51% to 34%. Biden will do a better job handling race relations say 53%. Some 52% think Trump will be better at dealing with economy.

On September 4, North Carolina will start sending out absentee ballots to voters that request them, 39 days from now. Michael McDonald reports early requests for absentee ballots are up considerably, especially for Democrats and Independents.

NC 2020 general absentee ballot requests (by party reg 81 out of 100 counties):

Dems: 42,578

Reps:    8,118

Other: 34,460

For comparison, the NC 2016 general election absentee ballot requests (by party reg), same number of days prior to the election:
Dem: 6,616
Rep:  6,377
Oth:  4,374

  • July 27, 2020