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Biden Wins 4 Instant Debate Polls by Double Digits, May Have Improved Favorable Rating

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I don’t know if any of these polls have any scientific basis, but it does look like Biden held his own, at first glance.


Trump’s favorable rating dropped 3% to 39% in this snap poll. Biden’s favorables increased by 3% to 50%. 

Biden:                  Favorable 50% (+3) Unfavorable 47% (-1) Not sure 3% (-2)

Trump:                Favorable 39% (-3) Unfavorable 57% (+2) Not sure 4% (+1)


CNN POLL: Biden Winner of Debate 53% to 39%

A CNN instant poll finds 53% of voters who watched the final presidential debate thought Joe Biden won, while 39% thought Donald Trump won.…

All told though, the debate did not do much to move impressions of either candidate. Favorable views of Biden before the debate stood at 55%, they held steady at 56% in post-debate interviews. Likewise, Trump's numbers held steady, with 42% saying they had a favorable view of the President in interviews conducted before Thursday's debate and 41% saying the same afterward.


DataProgress Snap Poll Has Biden Winner 52% to 41%

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