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Murkowski Now Blames Elizabeth Warren For Her Craven Votes.

That really “divisive” question that Elizabeth Warren asked of Chief Justice John Roberts during this sham trial of Trump was responsible for Lisa Murkowski’s vote to not hear witnesses.  Really.  This is the BS that CNN is pushing. To recap what Warren asked of his

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A look back at the impeachment and conviction of Barack Obama

As President Trump’s legal team wrapped up its impeachment defense on Tuesday, all eyes turned to the issue of witnesses. But whether or not the mounting revelations surrounding former National Security Adviser John Bolton’s upcoming book are sufficient to spur Republican defections in the Senate,

CNN has yet another GOP problem

Last winter, CNN for weeks stood by its extraordinary and inexplicable decision to hire Sarah Isgur Flores, a career Republican Party operative with absolutely no journalism experience, to be the network’s political editor. A hardcore partisan, Isgur spent her career spinning for Republicans such as Ted

CNN's Sean Duffy problem is only going to get worse

How do you solve a problem like Sean Duffy? The former Republican congressman, who was hired by CNN to blindly defend Donald Trump while the impeachment process unfolds, is creating problems for the network by constantly fabricating facts and spreading reckless and dangerous conspiracy theories. And yes,

Why did CNN just hire a lying Trump apologist?

Former Republican Rep. Sean Duffy, recently hired by CNN to be a paid political commentator, can’t stop fabricating facts when he goes on the air. Since making his CNN debut on Sunday, Duffy has lied about the shooting of Rep. Gabby Giffords. He’s lied about Joe

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CNN: Impeaching and Removing Trump jumps to 50%

A steady rise in sentiment for impeaching and removing Individual-1, as today marks the first day he has used “lynching” in a tweet.  x CNN poll – highest level of support for impeaching and removing each president: Clinton 29W Bush 30Obama 33Trump 50 This is

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NYT, CNN play Gotcha! with Senator Kamala Harris' Environmental Record.

The Exxon oil wells off the California coast are a dark cancer on our fair nation.  And when the pipeline that carried Exxon’s oil from those wells broke, and bespoiled  miles of coast line and poisoned wildlife, Then-California Attorney General Kamala Harris vigorously intervened. Harris and her successor

Fact-checking Democrats in the age of chronic Trump lies

At the outset of his presidency, several major news outlets eagerly and proudly announced that they were going to fact-check Donald Trump's every utterance and document all the misinformation he was spreading. To their credit, news organizations set aside considerable resources to dutifully unpack Trump's

How Trump's phony Mexico trade deal duped the press

Donald Trump lies about everything. So why do newsrooms still assume he's telling the truth, especially when he unveils grand initiatives? On Friday, Trump claimed he had reached a landmark last-minute immigration deal with Mexico, which meant he no longer had to impose the tariffs