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Democratic Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear Ends War On Women's Right to Choose.

Let’s see.  Socially conservative state-  Kentucky – that supposedly obsesses about abortions.  Check.  Big reason many Kentucky voters said they were voting for loathsome Republican Matt Bevin for governor.  Check. Said Republican governor tries to shut down last abortion provider in state. Check.  State legislature passes

Mixed Bag Of Political News From Kentucky.

I should stress the possible — it is total speculation on the part of Kentucky Democrats — good political news from Kentucky, but there is “the pouring liquid nitrogen on my groin type” of news as well. Let’s get to the good news.  And it’s good news but based

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Some Good News Out of Kentucky.

Between the SCOTUS decision to let stand Kentucky’s anti-abortion law and former Governor Matt Bevin’s middle finger to the justice system (see Meteor Blades’ diary on Bevin’s corrupt pardonfest), I wanted to let you all know about some good political news out of Kentucky. Democratic

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Here's How Republicans Will Spin Kentucky Election Results.

As for now, Andy Beshear is declared the “apparent winner” of the Kentucky governor’s race.  If it holds, which I think it will, THANK GOD!  But given how the rest of the voting went for the rest of the Kentucky statewide offices, Republicans will spin