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In 538's opinion, Up for Grabs still leads

Darn that reactionary uncertainty being the dominant feature of moderates’ ideology. Despite MSM’s spinning about Sanders and Buttigieg, FiveThirtyEight claims that no momentum was had from the first two primary campaign events. Three days after the New Hampshire primary, we are finally getting some polls that

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TX-Sen: MJ Hegar (D) Leads In Both Polling & Fundraising In The Democratic Primary

Here’s some more news out of Texas: On Wednesday, Texas Lyceum released results from its 14th annual poll, identifying Texans' views on the 2020 elections and primaries. Pollsters surveyed 1,000 adults from Texas via telephone. The results show former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders are essentially tied to win

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Democrat Beshear Leads for KY Governor; MS Race IS Close… Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear has a sizeable lead in the Kentucky Governor’s race against unpopular Republican incumbent Governor Matt Bevin. According to a poll released by PollSmart MR, Beshear leads Bevin 50% to 32% among registered voters and 54% to 33% among likely