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could Trump testify before the Senate, because that's who he is….

Because at this point, Individual-1 knows he has the impeachment acquittal votes, could Trump come before the Senate to make what would be a campaign speech. Trump doesn’t have to appear, but it seems more likely that with a GOP majority unwilling to have defections, Trump

using a (Roger) Stone to pound: table, process, facts

Still unfinished business as the Roger Stone trial overcomes food poisoning to continue, and Trump’s possible lies to the Special Counsel may emerge. Follow @dfriedman33 for up-to-date reporting on the Roger Stone trial! And here's the story on why this trial could be bad news


There's no constitutional crisis: just impeach Trump for bribery

Ari Melber keeps it simple. Less nuance, it’s right in the damn Constitution. You don’t even have to utter a dead language. Perspective: "Bribery" is right there in the Constitution. Trump could be impeached for that. — The Washington Post (@washingtonpost) October 19, 2019


Arms for Dirt in the shotgun-trap presidency

x Editorial cartoon:The GOP defends Trump. — Las Vegas Sun (@LasVegasSun) October 8, 2019 Trump’s the guy who would sue an automaker for damages because his getaway car got a flat, just as he said he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and not lose voters.


will Individual-1 get off as clean as a whistle-blower

A new article at Politico tries to isolate the justification for a presidential request from a foreign government(s). It only proves that the smoking gun is yet still a smoldering arsenal, now that there are multiple whistle-blowers. Here’s the big question on which the potential impeachment