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Trump Presser Monday: No Fauci, even less clarity

x REPORTER asks about “OVERSIGHT” of the $500 BILLION slush fund in the senate GOP bill Trump wants to dish out with no transparency. TRUMP: “I’LL BE THE OVERSIGHT.” OH-KAYYYY 🤔🤔💰💰💰💰💰 — The Tennessee Holler (@TheTNHoller) March 24, 2020 Trump is jonesing for a substitute


#MeToo Harvey Weinstein guilty on 2 of 5 counts

Weinstein was remanded into custody. He also will have to be transported to stand trial in Los Angeles. Harvey Weinstein was convicted of rape and a criminal sexual act in New York, more than two years after allegations against the Hollywood power broker sparked the


Weekend ICE Roundup (łapanka, rafle, attrapage, razzia, bloko….)

These are largely symbolic actions considering the relatively small size (220) of the BORTAC unit, but are indicative of the continuing campaign of repression, not distracting from the detention of children, etc. x What, exactly, will these CBP SWAT teams help ICE with? I'm glad

DoJ may reverse itself on Stone sentencing after Trump Tweets

Shocked, Shocked… will sentence leniency compel Trump to do more criming. x #RogerStone Senior DOJ official tells @CBSNews Department was shocked to see sentencing recommendation Stone case. This is not what was briefed to Dept. The Dept. believes recommendation is extreme, excessive, grossly disproportionate to offenses…#DEVELOPING—

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Dersh gets it wrong

Not to be confused with Leeroy Jenkins, and with much arm-waving Alan Dershowitz affirmed that the House has charged IMPOTUS* with impeachable offenses, despite declarations to the contrary. He also tried to apply a critique that trashes the recently revealed Bolton book in his speech to

E. Jean Carroll can now sue Trump in NY

Trump’s attempt to throw out E. Jean Carroll’s case fails. Her defamation case moves forward. Trump probably should have “moved” to Florida even earlier. Should there be a GoFundMe to DNA test E. Jean Carroll’s dress. Maybe Mike Bloomberg can check his couch cushions for

Federal prosecutors recommend 0-6 months for Mike Flynn

Mike Flynn gets the sentencing memorandum in the aftermath of his “assistance” to the Mueller investigation. The tune-changing, much like Paul Manafort’s results in a shift in the sentencing recommendation. THREAD: Why are federal prosecutors recommending 0 to 6 months in prison for Michael Flynn?


if Mike Bloomberg is using prison labor, what do other campaigns do

Probably the perfect example of the abuse of free-market capitalism: to use prison labor below minimum wage in general, but even more perfect exploitation to have such labor do boiler room work in call centers for political campaigns. Easy to imagine what GOP subcontractors do in