This Morning's Polls: Biden Winning WI (+9), AZ (+9), ME (+17), NC (+1)…

The top rated pollster Siena College/NYT Upshot gives Joe Biden a 17% lead in Maine, a 9% lead in Arizona, and a 1% edge in North Carolina. The polls were taken September 11-17 (10-16 for AZ) from likely voters by Siena, which is rated A+ by 538.

Siena/NYT Upshot Poll
Biden Trump
Arizona 49% 40%
Maine 55% 38%
Maine CD-2 47% 45%
North Carolina 45% 44%…

President Trump’s mismanagement of the coronavirus pandemic has imperiled both his own re-election and his party’s majority in the Senate, and Republican lawmakers in crucial states like Arizona, North Carolina and Maine have fallen behind their Democratic challengers amid broad disapproval of the president, according to a poll conducted by The New York Times and Siena College.

Also out this morning is a poll by Morning Consult giving Biden a lead of 9% in Wisconsin. The poll shows Biden ahead 51% to 42% over Trump.

This poll was taken September 7-16 from likely voters. Morning Consult is rated B/C.

Senate Races

The Siena Poll also polled the Senate races in the same states with all three showing Democratic candidates winning.

  • Cunningham in North Carolina has a lead of 42% to 37% over Tillis.
  • Gideon in Maine has a lead of 49% to 44% over Collins.
  • Kelly in Arizona has a lead of 50% to 42% over McSally.

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