Bernie’s message to Progressives, New Progressive Organizing tool, Polls, Trump convert

Bernie Sanders’ message is one that all progressives should heed. We talk to the co-founder of Organiz. Trump beating Biden in polls on the economy, crime, & fortitude?

Progressives need to message right and promote widely.

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  • While voting is important to all the winning message that will hit every American in the gut was best said by Rahm Emanuel.
  • Not even this anti-immigrant Wisconsin woman who voted for Trump in 2016 is voting for him again. Instead, it’s Biden and never Republican again.
  • The latest NBC polls show Trump with a 10 point lead on the economy. It is a dereliction of duty that America does not know drove the economy into the ground.
  • Bernie Sanders appeared on Meet The Press and his message is the one every Progressive who ultimately wants our policies to succeed should heed.
  • Kedar Reddy, founder of Organiz was a virtual visitor to Netroots Nation 2020. He discusses his new Twitter tool for Progressive organizers.

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