While the polls are showing Joe Biden maintaining his lead (Siena +8%, and ABC News +10%), Senate polls are almost all favorable for Democratic candidates.

Recent Senate Polls
State Pollster & Rating Democrat Republican
AZ Hart (B/C)*

Data Prog. (B-)

Kelly                   55%


McSally 43%


GA YouGov   (B)  Ossoff               42% Perdue  47%
ME Colby      – Gideon              45% Collins   41%
MI Marist   (A+)

Hart     (B/C)*

Peters                49%


James     43%


MN  Suffolk (A) Smith                 45% Lewis      35%
NC   YouGov (B) Cunningham    48% Tillis       38%
SC    YouGov (B)

Brill. Corn. -*

Harrison           44%


Lindsey  45%


TX Data Prog. (B-) Hegar               38% Cornyn   40%

*= Partisan Poll

Incumbent Republican Senators are losing in Maine, Arizona, and North Carolina and are struggling in South Carolina, Texas, and Georgia. According to polls earlier this week, Republican seats are also in danger in Iowa and Kansas and the Georgia special election.

Colorado Senate race has also been moved to “Lean Democrat” by Cook Political Ratings. We could use new Senate polls from Alaska and Montana.