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Lady Justice is Blind, not Stupid

Lady Justice has functioned very well—for years, being blind, but now Donald Trump, William Barr, and  Republican officialdom are rendering her mute.  Last night, and for as long as Attorney General Barr does not collapse under the weight of a tweet, he publicly admitted the

Wannabe Dictator Trump is Bringing Fascism to America

There really is no bottom. Now Trump is directing his corrupt Justice Department to investigate and prosecute (persecute) his critics. Meanwhile, he lobbies for light sentences and dangles pardons for his bootlicking sycophantic criminal accomplices. This is not normal. And it demonstrates that Republicans who


It may be irony, schadenfreude or coincidence but we are crossing paths at the intersection of politics and  Marvel or DC Comics.  We have a blustering Joker as Head of State, Mr. Freeze as his second, and an assortment of Two-faces, Riddlers and a top-hatted

Trump to evangelicals…

Seeing what you want to see to the exclusion of all else is not only to deny facts, it is dangerous.  Proof of that is when Susan Collins and other Republicans said he [Trump] has learned his lesson. It is like when you turn to

Festivus, but what for the Rest of Us

I was transported yesterday from the East Room of the White House back to 1997 when the President spoke yesterday before an assembled group of embarrassing open-mouthed American political seals. In that year, the Seinfeld episode entitled the Strike aired December 18, 1997 and introduced