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OK, GOP, we give up, the real Whistleblower is… Frank Wills

Zombie Frank Wills did it, because idiots like Rand Paul trying to doxx the whistleblower will believe anything to delay impeachment. We’re way past looking at what has now been corroborated by fact-witnesses, but the GOP insists on trying to punish patriotism.  x A Trump

Slide in polling for vulnerable GOP senators in 2020

Morning Consult reports some sliding in poll numbers for vulnerable GOP US Senate candidates The most vulnerable Republican senators are not improving their standing in their home states ahead of a tough 2020 election cycle, while the field of potential Democratic challengers took shape and

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No one publishes scurrilous insults of Devin Nunes

x I remember when the GOP knew Russia was our enemy🐮 — Devin Nunes’ cow 🐮 (@DevinCow) October 9, 2019 Devin Nunes files yet another lawsuit, what else is new? Perhaps there’s a health emergency. There’s a hashtag referencing some kind of leakage, surely that has