A trio of polls in three critical races has good news for Democrats who need to win three or four Republican held seats this November to win control of the US Senate.


A poll by OH Predictive Insights for Arizona shows Democratic candidate Mark Kelly is leading appointed Senator Martha McSally by 51% to 42%. A key element is a 40% lead for Kelly among independent voters.

Kansas has not elected a Democrat to the Senate in  88 years, but PPP released a poll showing the state may have a close US Senate race this year. The Kansas senatorial primary is currently scheduled for August 4 with eight Republicans and three Democrats running to replace the retiring Pat Roberts.


 If the candidates for US Senate this November were Democrat Barbara Bollier and Republican Kris Kobach, who would you vote for?

Barbara Bollier 44% …………………………………….…

Kris Kobach 42% ………………………………………..…

Not sure 13%

A Civitas Poll in North Carolina shows a close race between Democrat Cal Cunningham and Republican Thom Tillis who is polling very poorly for an incumbent.


The U.S. Senate race was also polled, revealing a small lead by sitting Senator Thom Tillis (R) over his top opponent, former state Senator Cal Cunningham (D):

38%      Thom Tillis
34%      Cal Cunningham
23%      Undecided
3%        Kevin Hayes
2%        Shannon Bray

North Carolina voters generally approve of the Donald Trump’s handling of the pandemic and strongly approve of Democratic Governor Roy Cooper performance in the same matter.    Cooper is seeking re-election this year.

The administrations of President Trump and Gov. Roy Cooper both received high job approval ratings for their handling of the coronavirus pandemic:

Trump administration                           Cooper administration
Approve                    57%                            Approve                    84%
Disapprove               40%                           Disapprove               11%
Unsure/Refused        3%                           Unsure/Refused        5%

Cook Political Ratings has Arizona and the North Carolina Senate races as tossups. Kansas is rated as lean Republican. The North Carolina governor’s race is rated lean Democratic.


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