Almost everybody has gotten into the act today, bringing out a national presidential poll. Biden leads them all, but some readers might want to see how they compare.

National Presidential Polls released 9/2/2020
Pollster 538 rating Biden Trump Margin
Seltzer & Co. A+ 49 41 8
Suffolk A 50 43 7
IBD/TIPP A/B 49 41 8
Quinnipiac B+ 52 42 10
YouGov B 51 40 11
Morn. Consult B/C 51 43 8
CNN/SSRS B/C 51 43 8
USC/Dornsife B/C 51 42 9
Ipsos B- 47 40 7
Rasmussen C+ 49 45 4
Harris X C 46 40 6

Two unrated pollsters released surveys as well. Opinium  has Biden leading by 13 points, and Qriously has Biden ahead by 5%.

The aftermath of the conventions basically showed that Biden had a bump of 0 to 1% but improved has favorable ratings by about 5%. Trump’s convention produced a 2% bump but little or no improvement in his favorable ratings. 

Convention bounces almost always fade after a week.  So to whatever extent these polls are measuring some improvement for Trump because of his convention, it will likely be gone next week.

Improved favorable ratings for Biden may improve Democratic turnout.

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