Democratic candidate Cal Cunningham has a two point edge in the 2020 Senate race in North Carolina over Republican incumbent Tom Tillis who has a high unfavorable rate.…

The poll, conducted by the left-leaning Public Policy Polling (PPP) and commissioned by the Democratic outside group End Citizens United, shows Cunningham leading Tillis 45 percent to 43 percent. Twelve percent of respondents said they weren’t sure who they would support. End Citizens United has already endorsed Cunningham in the North Carolina Senate race.

It also shows Tillis’s favorability rating under water. Fifty-one percent said they have an unfavorable opinion of the first-term senator, while 33 percent reported having a favorable view of him.…

A separate poll taken in July and released yesterday by Fabrizio Ward, LLC showed a one point race for North Carolina Senate. Cunningham had the support of 42% versus 41% for Tillis. (The same poll measured Joe Biden against Donald Trump with Trump coming out the loser in NC by 49% to 45%. Other Democrats were not part of the survey.)

Both polls suggest a close race with Tillis polling very poorly for an incumbent.

Fabrizio Ward also polled in AZ, CO, ME, and KY though the Democratic candidates in some states are poorly known. All the Republican incumbents surveyed were less than 50%.

Fabrizio Ward Poll Senate Races July 29/31
Republican Democrat
AZ McSally         42% (Kelly) 43%
CO Gardner        42% 44%
ME Collins           43% 42%
Ky McConnell    48% 42%


Maine:   …



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