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Get Rid of the worst of the GOP..

I could rant and rant about how Florida went from a lovely sub tropical state that was  more purple than red but we have had some real lazy people not doing all they could in the State party and the folks with money like the

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CNN covers “Iowans not in Iowa” satellite caucuses

Fascinating, as the first vote in Port Charlotte, Florida had Klobuchar and Buttigieg in the lead in the first round. Watching real-time democratic processes can be fun despite Chris Cillizza and Scott Jennings on the CNN panel. The demographics reveal themselves with generally older voters in snowbird locations.

DeSantis has become the most corrupt governor in the U.S., and is desperate to save Trump

While other Republican governors were either backing the investigation into Donald Trump’s corruption—or at least holding off judgment until more facts are known—Floridians were a tad shocked Thursday when Gov. Ron DeSantis announced his creation of the mafioso-sounding Presidential Protection Fund to raise money to help one Donald J. Trump.  DeSantis insists that

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Chaos in America..We are afraid..This is a warzone.

People need to be in the street.  People need to be demanding action not words from legislators and we need to start impeachment precedings from any one and any party that will not bring OUR rights of pursuit of happiness and the right to life,