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Democracy Corp and Fox Polls Both Show Trump Losing to Leading Democrats, Election Interest Is High…

Two new national polls are consistent in showing leading Democrats are running ahead of Donald Trump and that enthusiasm for the 2020 Presidential election is very high.

Fox News National Poll 9/15-17
Democrats Trump
Biden              52% 38%
Sanders         48% 40%
Warren           46% 40%
Harris             42% 40%…

Democracy Corps earlier today  released  similar poll figures except support for Sen Kamala Harris was not surveyed.

More important: “The percent who say they are ‘extremely interested’ in the election has reached 80%, the highest point in the history of our polling. That is what is actually most interesting about the finding. In all prior cycles, interest in politics drops sharply and grows over the election cycle, put political engagement has jumped 10 points since the mid-terms.”…

“Virtually, every registered voter now meets our criteria as ‘likely,’ meaning this election will bring in millions of new voters.”

Democracy Corps Poll released 9/18
Democrats Trump
Biden 50% 41%
Warren 48% 41%
Sanders 48% 43%