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Prediction: Bernie is Going to Drop Out

This is my third diary on this topic. Each time I said I expected Bernie to stick it out through the debate and the March 17th primaries, and then he would leave the race. There were two reasons: First, he wanted to push Biden more

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CNN gives Biden Social Security lifeline, Bernie pounces

The corporate mainstream media continued to play favorites even in the one on one debate. CNN's Dana Bash tried to stymie Bernie Sanders' Social Security challenge of Joe Biden's past positions. Bernie would have none of it. Bernie did not let Bash get away with attempted smear

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Bernie Is Preparing to Drop Out

Yesterday I posted this diary, Prediction: Bernie Drops Out After Next Tuesday, in which I argued that Bernie was going to stay in long enough to have his one-on-one debate with Biden, and to have one more primary vote, and after that he would suspend

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Will Bernie Suspend After Next Tuesday?

Back out on my limb . . . I’m getting used to it by now. I’m in my cups reading the tea leaves, or maybe that should be in the tea leaves and reading my cups (or maybe just cupping a corpse — a toyten

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Well Look Who Shows Up In Bernie Sanders Newest Campaign Ad

So my official candidate is Vote Blue No Matter Who but I have to give points to Sanders here for this one: x YouTube Video On Wednesday, the Bernie Sanders campaign released three new advertisements aimed at voters in the six states casting their primary

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Naomi Klein on why Progressive should support Bernie

I interviewed author/social activist/filmmaker Naomi Klein at one of the Bernie Sanders field offices in Las Vegas, Nevada. She expressed the reasons why ALL progressives and others should support the campaign. Naomi Klein talks Bernie support x x YouTube Video I have been following the

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Nina Turner dispels & explains the Bernie Bro trope.

Nina Turner, spokesperson and national co-chair of the Bernie Sanders did not hold back as she dispelled and explained the Bernie Bro trope. Why the Bernie Bro trope? x x YouTube Video I visited the Bernie Sanders headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada. The day before

Uh, Bernie Bros and the OK Bloomers?

Chest thumpers and embarrassing belligerents are how the followers of Bernie Sanders are being described.  The Michael Bloomberg crowd who I suppose are Bloomers, who find themselves in the unenviable position of defending a billionaire and racist policies, instead of his politics, face off in a