This Isn't Just 1968; It's Also 2008

There have been a lot of commentators in the past few days comparing the present mess to 1968, when there was rioting in the streets of the assassinations of Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy, and general unrest over the Vietnam War. Those are valid comparisons, but there is another year we should remember: 2008….

Is Arizona Ready to Turn Blue? The Numbers Look Promising

Last year, the state of Virginia culminated its transformation from one of the most Republican states to electing a Democratic controlled legislature for the first time in a generation. What will be the next state to transform from a dependable Republican to swing state or better, maybe the Grand Canyon State? Reviewing the numbers, Mitt Romney in 2012…

Why Can't the Media Admit that Senator Lindsey Graham Has No Principles?

While the Media is eulogizing Senator John McCain for having principles, there is this noted puzzlement from the same talking heads about Senator Lindsey Graham throwing his little buddy Attorney General Jeff Sessions under the bus and backing it up over him.  It was not that long ago that Graham said there would be “Holy Hell”…

Republican Senators Should Heed the Lesson of the Communists Under Stalin.

Stalin had this nasty little trick he played on those who supported the Russian Revolution and were part of the political establishment.  Stalin would single out a faction of the original revolutionaries — the socialists for starters — and accuse them of being traitors and counter-revolutionaries.  The diehard communists turned on socialists because, well, they were not…

McCain Acres

Not only are presidential elections inherently interesting, but they also make the general public aware of sure-fire investment strategies.  The latest to present itself in this election cycle is McCain Acres, a new housing development in Flagstaff Arizona.