2020 is not 2016 but both polls are and were accurate, Political Analyst’s winning message

Trump is trying to instill fear in Americans. 'Remember the 2016 polls! I will win.' Hogwash. Political Analyst Cornell Belcher understands it all. Given recent polls, if we do out the job, it is a landslide.

2016 polls were right and so are the 2020 polls.

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We are in the last stretch of the election. This is the time of major mind games will be coming from the Right-Wing, Trump, his enablers, and his sycophants.

The cabal will attempt to instill a fear in Democrats and Progressives that cause paralysis. As they use social media and other methods to try to skim votes from our different 'identities' by promoting hate, we must be ready.

Here is the deal. Misreading the 2016 numbers led us into making bad decisions in many areas for our base. That said, Trump is such an incompetent leader that even ideologues, according to the polls are starting to shift.

If Progressives keep the pressure on and ensure that they engage those of every demographic and ideology with respect, resolve, and with the correct rationale for voting the president out, the correct side will win the battle and ultimately the war. Remember to vote and make sure everyone you know votes.

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  • September 28, 2020