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Obama: World Would Be Better Off If Women Ran It

No, Michelle Obama is not running for president, or any other office. But her husband thinks that in general it wouldn’t be a bad idea. From the BBC: Barack Obama: Women are better leaders than men. If women ran every country in the world there


Warning: This Photo is Posed.

Remember the photo below? Pete Souza, President Obama’s official White House photographer, took this picture during the raid that got Bin Laden, the one that Trump dismissed, saying that all Obama had to to was say “OK.” Well, in Souza’s photo, Obama and his team

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Bits of Information From MSNBC Today.

Over 4 million Obama voters from 2012 did not vote in the 2016 Election. 2016 was an election cycle in which Trump’s margin of victory was one of the narrowest in U.S. history. It came down to about 78,000 votes in three states, including Michigan,

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Obama goes to Wall Street

Seeing all these posts in enthusiastic support of Obama receiving $400,000 in exchange for a speech for Wall Street Bankers got me thinking.  He has every right to give the speech and to be paid every dollar he’s earned for doing so.  In truth, were

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Hunger Strike at Guantanamo Bay Prison

Years after President Obama promised to close that hell hole, the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba have begun a hunger strike, and it seems that it didn't start just recently.  Some have lost “30 pounds or more” according to one lawyer who represents 15 of

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Obama SuperPAC ad HQ

Oh, this is the PLACE, folks!  This is the YouTube SOURCE for watching the ads that Obama's SuperPAC – PrioritiesUSAaction – produces and put onto TVs all over the nation. You can watch them all. You can subscribe to the channel and get the new

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Who knew?

I know that many in the community here, and rightly so, are ready to move past emotionally cathartic posts about their feelings on the election.  Yet I wanted to type out my little story here for myself if for no one else.  A little of