Chris Matthews attempted to belittle Bernie Sanders ascent in the polls with a novel theory used to propel Mike Bloomberg given the expected Biden demise.

Even as Bernie Sanders is starting to surge, the New York Times decided to endorse two candidates; neither being him. And now the mainstream media, here in the person of Chris Matthews is attempting to belittle his recent surge.

Chris Matthews' novel theory

Iowa is almost here. While Biden leads Bernie Sanders in recent polls, activity on the ground may be more probative. It is clear that Bernie Sanders is on the ascent as the most recent New Hampshire poll shows. The Establishment of all parties are likely worried. Here is the dirty little secret. They are not scared because they think Bernie will lose the election for the Democrats. They are scared because a likely win will mean a monumental shift of the country’s psyche that foretells the decline of the corporatocracy.

In the video clip in this post, Chris Matthews still cannot envision the possibility that America may just be seriously considering electing Bernie Sanders. Too many believe that he is an easy target. What too many fail to realize is that Donald Trump was a much harder case to win than Bernie. America is yearning for someone who will not give them more of the same. They tried Trump. They will likely be ready to try another wildcard. In the case of Bernie, one who has policies that poll well with most Americans.

Chris Matthews is trying to spin the fallacy that the Bernie Sanders' surge is nothing more than the mechanism by which Bloomberg becomes the Democratic Candidate — so much for Biden becoming the nominee. Those who've watched Biden objectively understand he is simply out of his league. But after all, he never completed his previous runs anyway. Is privilege great or what? That he was pushed and propped up for so long should worry every Democrat.

Hallie Jackson did not take the bait as she made it clear that Trump truly feared Bernie given his actions. Ironically, the self-indulged Matthews agreed with her assuming she had agreed with him. What gives!!