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banksters and gangsters: The Donald's mafia state squanders decency

There’s squandering decency and then there’s squandering democracy. Trump moves the US toward a post-Soviet satellite autocracy, currently in a HR reign of terror against impeachment witnesses. Expect a Senate subpoena for the whistleblower. (Thread) Mafia States Each of Trump's outrageous actions push us one

How Rudy helped impeach Trump in the 84 days of Arms for Dirt

A new article provides a narrative that while explaining the story of the Arms for Dirt scandal, that there’s a timeline for several parallel activities. It also shows that there are more than a few strands of related activity at work, especially since running in


context begins to catch up to the Giuliani propaganda

Politicians thinking of entering the recent Giuliani Ukraine “documentary” piece into trial evidence, need to first read this WaPo article by Ian Bateson. x Opinion: What Rudy Giuliani’s version of reality looks like from Ukraine— The Washington Post (@washingtonpost) December 27, 2019 Earlier this month,

Groundhog Day: a second Trump impeachment could happen

As unlikely as it could happen, the eventual resolution of the Don McGahn testimony issue could bring another impeachment inquiry. The investigations continue regardless of this first impeachment, because there’s just so much Trump lawlessness, one Senate trial won’t be enough. And even if we

Rudy to Testify? Really? [Updated]

All Washington is astonished that Trump, about to be impeached for putting the arm on Ukraine, sent his personal shyster back to Kyiv to do it some more. But remember that Trump thinks there’s nothing wrong with doing that, because he just knows Joe Biden

A Timeline for Giuliani

(This diary is based partly on information provided by The Daily 202 and JustSecurity). Often times a timeline is useful in sorting out a complicated story, and Bog knows the Ukraine story is a complicated mess. I’ve thought about creating several timelines, but with this

insidious R.U.D.Y. “something we have to deal with”

Rudy can’t help himself, he just keeps confessing. The question remains whether he will get to do that under oath before Congress. The investigation I conducted concerning 2016 Ukrainian collusion and corruption, was done solely as a defense attorney to defend my client against false


Rudy: “Trump won't turn on me, we're '100% loyal'”

Rudy started tweeting because there’s some new press on him as well as a suggestion that criminal investigations continue. It is an incredible thing to watch old men in obvious cognitive decline run around the highest levels of our politics, incriminating themselves almost constantly with, so far,

Could Rudy Giuliani be indicted?

The evidence against Rudy Giuliani continues to mount. If he was a regular citizen I think he would already be indicted. MSNBC Oct 25th 2019 – Former U.S. attorney Barbara McQuade, Center for American Progress Action Fund’s Juanita Tolliver, Wash Post’s Aaron Blake, Vox’s Shermichael

The MOAT (Mother of All Tweeters)

The last time the President told the press to ask my lawyer, Michael Cohen was subsequently fitted for a numbered orange jumpsuit.  Well, Rudy, I think your right profile is your best side and black and white stripes say GQ federal prison. You remember in