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Senate Polls: Ossoff Tied in GA, Bullock -1% in MT, Greenfield +3 in IA

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Polls this weekend are showing a number of close races for Republican held US Senate seats. Democrats have a pretty good chance of winning the upper body of Congress.

The same set of polls showed Trump has a 1% edge in Georgia and leads by only 2% in Texas. Trumps leads by 7% in Montana, a state he won by 20% in 2016.

Biden gets another poll showing strength in Minnesota. Highly rated Setzer & Co. shows he has a 9% lead in a state Hillary Clinton won by less than 2%.

US Senate Polls 9/19 and 9/20 
State Pollster &   Rating Dem Rep Biden Trump
IA Seltzer & Co (A+) Greenfied 45% Ernst       42%
TX YouGov         (B) Hegar        41% Cornyn   46% 46% 48%
MN Red. & Wil.     (-) Smith        51% Lewis      36% 51% 42%
MT    Siena            (A+) Bullock      44% Daines    45% 42% 49%
GA    Red. & Wil.     (-)

Special election

Ossoff        43%

Warnock    21%


Perdue    43%

Loeffer    26%

Collins     19%

45% 46%

Another poll by YouGov released today has Biden leading in Florida by 48% to 46%.

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