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The War on Christmas is Now a War on Coal

Mandy Gunasekara served in the EPA as Trump’s Principal Deputy Assistant Administrator for the Office of Air and Radiation from March 2017 to Feb. 2019. Before that, she was counsel to Sen. Inhofe, the most insistent of all climate deniers. Now she’s a climate denier

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Iranian-flagged oil tanker on fire in Red Sea, some oil spilled

Report of an explosion aboard a National Iranian Oil Company Tanker Sinopa carrying 1 million barrels, sailing in the Red Sea near Jiddah. Block TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Iran’s state-run news agency and other media say an explosion has struck an Iranian oil tanker off

Mug shot of Rick Perry

Who knew? Ukraine-gate is actually a Rick Perry crime spree!

Stop me before I dance again. Rick is no stranger to jail time, among other stupid things. Perry was in contact with Ukrainians during period of the infamous call because of associated energy meetings, but none of that diminishes the reality of the Trump call,


The New Wave of Electric Cars: Infographics

Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of how much the electric vehicle market has been changing year to year. Not only are growth rates spectacular — 54% annually globally — but the capabilities of each new generation of vehicles rises dramatically.   It is this latter aspect

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Do you believe Clinton is unaware of top fossil fuel donors?

Hillary Clinton’s opponents in the Democratic primary pledged to not take donations from the fossil fuel industry. It’s an appropriate response to the fossil fuel industry’s tremendous influence in Washington, despite their presenting a catastrophic threat to the future of civilization.  When an Iowa voter

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Hillary Clinton is Taking Democrats Backward on Climate Change

When Barack Obama announced his Presidential campaign in Springfield, Illinois he spoke of climate change. Let's be the generation that finally frees America from the tyranny of oil. We can harness homegrown, alternative fuels like ethanol and spur the production of more fuel-efficient cars. We

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Illinois Legislators Face Backlash for Coal Mining Bill

Illinois State Senator Andy Manar is getting pushback from constituents after introducing a bill to help the heavily subsidized state coal mining industry. A coal industry lobbyist with Foresight Energy joined Manar and other legislators at a press conference for a bill to give Illinois

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Clean Energy Election Victory for Illinois' Largest Public Utility

Illinois' largest public utility will now be overseen by a mayor who pledged to keep renewable energy as part of its energy mix. Springfield's Democratic Mayor-elect Jim Langfelder deserves credit for talking about clean energy. Some candidates avoided the topic because it's controversial after a

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Illinois Poll Shows Strong Opposition to Fracking

Nearly half of Illinois voters oppose fracking, according to a new poll by the Simon Institute. The statewide poll reveals 48.6% oppose fracking while only 31.8% believe it should be encouraged, even if there are economic benefits. Opponents outnumber supporters an all regions of the

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America's Fracking Mayor: Rahm Emanuel

When Rahm Emanuel became mayor, the city of Chicago was making lists of top green cities in America. During the election he pledged support to a community movement aimed at closing the polluting Fisk & Crawford coal plants. But after taking office, Emanuel significantly increased

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Can Illinois Learn From New York's Victory Against Fracking?

Illinois environmentalists are cheering the spectacular success of the movement to ban fracking in New York. The victory is justifiably spurring reflection on how it was done. What happened in New York that Illinois environmentalists can learn from? Environmental and public health groups made an

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Media Bias is 25 Sports Writers and Zero Environment Reporters

Any news outlet that distributes information unflattering to Republicans or views out of step with conservative ideology will be hounded with cries of “liberal media bias.” The badgering will continue until all news outlets are as “fair and balanced” as Fox News. But the most

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Clinton shows she's not the climate leader we need

Hillary Clinton did us a favor. At a recent speech to the League of Conservation Voters, Clinton showed that she doesn't understand what it will take to confront the climate crisis and she's unwilling to stand up to fossil fuel interests who are threatening to