The Renewable Boom is here! A challenge to the GQP.

The Boom is underway

The global energy watchdog revealed that the delivery of renewable energy projects, including windfarms and solar power projects, grew by 45% last year in a step change for the global industry.

Wind power capacity doubled over the last year, while solar power grew by almost 50% more than its growth before the pandemic, due to the growing appetite for clean energy from governments and corporations.

It is not fiction but reality and the end of burning fossil fuels is in sight.

Unless the Republicans get their heads out of their asses then States where they dominate they could miss out on the biggest boom since the second world war, and a sustainable boom for once.

We need massive investment in a sustainable infrastructure to support this green future and the Republicans are trying to block this by protecting 19th century technologies, get with the program.

I thought the US was meant to be a global leader after all the MAGA shit, the GQP are determined to let China take the lead, you want to be number 1? Prove it.

The Green New Deal will drive innovation and the economy and lead to a cleaner and more agreeable world, no more wars for oil. If the US misses this opportunity it risks becoming a second rate economic power.

Is that you want Republicans? You claim to be for the economy, but you have taken your eyes off the ball entirely. Want to be left behind? Prove to me that you are not just a wedge issue Trumpian cult.

Release the KRAKEN!

What I mean is: invest in the US, the choice is stark, modernize or fade away.

  • May 11, 2021
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