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An Open Letter to Millennials (All the President’s Sins)

During the William J. Clinton Impeachment trial in January of 1999, Republicans were fond of using the phrase, “ a man who would cheat on his wife would cheat on his country.”  Maybe Democrats should revise that derisive phrase; ‘a man who has cheated on

Mr. President meet the King You will Never Be

We are in the midst of investigations that may eventually lead to the ouster of a criminal President; one responsible for possible physical threats, to not only the country of Ukraine but to an American citizen, Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch.  Mr. Trump has blatantly disregarded

George Conway: Trump is a racist president

That is the title of this Washington Post op-ed, up now for tomorrow’s print edition. Conway’s wife might now live in DC and work for the occupant of the Oval, but he is listed as a New York Lawyer and has been increasingly critical of