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The War on Christmas is Now a War on Coal

Mandy Gunasekara served in the EPA as Trump’s Principal Deputy Assistant Administrator for the Office of Air and Radiation from March 2017 to Feb. 2019. Before that, she was counsel to Sen. Inhofe, the most insistent of all climate deniers. Now she’s a climate denier

Remember Those Protesting Kentucky Coal Miners?

There is a rather lengthy (surprisingly) Louisville Courier-Journal article on the plight of the laid off coal miners in Harlan County, Kentucky.  The coal mine they worked for — Blackjewel — declared bankruptcy, and the miners’ paychecks bounced.  The miners have been blocking the tracks to prevent

Donald Trump’s 10 most pathetically predictable broken promises

During the 2016 presidential campaign, Republican Donald Trump presented a unique conundrum for the public and pundits alike. Simply put, Trump lied at a rate never before seen in modern American politics. No candidate in the 21st century, from either party, even came close. Writing

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A Good Write Up About Coal Country.

I just want to link to this Huffington Post article on one “solution” to disappearing coal jobs in Kentucky: Huffington Post. To wit, let’s build a federal prison where a coal mine was at. The article deals with the difficulties and struggles of those in

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Illinois Legislators Face Backlash for Coal Mining Bill

Illinois State Senator Andy Manar is getting pushback from constituents after introducing a bill to help the heavily subsidized state coal mining industry. A coal industry lobbyist with Foresight Energy joined Manar and other legislators at a press conference for a bill to give Illinois

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Clean Energy Election Victory for Illinois' Largest Public Utility

Illinois' largest public utility will now be overseen by a mayor who pledged to keep renewable energy as part of its energy mix. Springfield's Democratic Mayor-elect Jim Langfelder deserves credit for talking about clean energy. Some candidates avoided the topic because it's controversial after a

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Media Bias is 25 Sports Writers and Zero Environment Reporters

Any news outlet that distributes information unflattering to Republicans or views out of step with conservative ideology will be hounded with cries of “liberal media bias.” The badgering will continue until all news outlets are as “fair and balanced” as Fox News. But the most

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It doesn't pay to be a fossil fuel Democrat on election day

This was a difficult election for Democrats and it was even worse for Democrats still pushing fossil fuels. The Democratic co-chair of the Congressional Coal Caucus lost his seat along with a slew of others who tried to prove they're as pro-coal, pro-oil, and pro-fracking

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Illinois Wasting Millions on Another Coal-to-Gas Pork Project

The state of Illinois is throwing millions of taxpayer dollars at another coal-to-gas plant just two years after a similar project ended in failure. The Coal Development Fund has so far given Homeland Fuels two grants totaling $4.25 million in taxpayer dollars. The first grant was awarded