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MoveOn members in 2019: Putting our people power to work

MoveOn members began 2019 with new hope for our future as a new Congress was sworn in—the most diverse House of Representatives in history, with many progressive champions MoveOn members played pivotal roles in electing. And we ended the year with the impeachment of Donald

Did You Know Abuse of Power Isn't a Crime?

Matt Whittaker offered the latest Trumpie defense of the indefensible: Former Trump Acting AG Matthew Whitaker Offers Stunning Impeachment Defense: ‘Abuse of Power is Not a Crime’ Speaking with Fox News’ Laura Ingraham, Whitaker blasted the House Democrats for “secret testimony” and “selective leaking to

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Renewable Power Becoming Cheaper than Coal

Despite Donald Trump’s best lies, renewable wind and solar power continue to spread and develop as very realistic replacements for fossil fuels. Here’s a site with resources detailing the point:… America has officially entered the “coal cost crossover” – where existing coal is increasingly