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Twitch your nose and it will magically disappear.

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I am so sick of stupid.  I am sick of parents putting their kids in danger right down to being canaries in a coal mine. 

The people who believe the orange headed nutcase who spreads as much poison to ignorance as possible are dying from his poison kool aid.

Magically disappear?  How?  Has Aids magically disappeared?  Did Smallpox magically disappear?  Did polio?  The common cold has not even magically disappeared.   Why…oh Why do people listen to him.  Why are the governors like Desantis and Kemp pushing Trump’s agenda?  What about South Dakota’s governor?  He wants his head mounted on Rushmore.  Good.  I suggest they mount HIM NOW on Rushmore.  Not his likeness, HIM.

We should be closing the entire country down.  Fines for people who do not wear a mask for essentials or social distance.  Fines…Fines… Fines….

Did anyone notice the Sharpie on the not real Executive order?  Who signs anything with a sharpie that is pertaining to law?  I don’t even sign anything using any pen that does not use blue or black ink. 

 There is no magic happening regarding this pandemic.  Have people like the Sturgis bunch just doped their brain cells or live in their own delusion with their own objective is to spreading this virus to innocent people trying to maintain a life of any sorts.

People clearly cannot govern themselves in this country even when people die .  They need leadership and there is no common sense leadership found almost anywhere.  

Freedom?  Yeah OK.   This thing is not going away.  Freedom to die is their choice, it is not mine.  I have no patience for suicidal ideation especially when it turns from self harm to homicidal spread.

In one month ….we could  have closed down everything.

We could  have self isolated

We could have had fines  imposed and  mask mandates for essential needs.  Fines for people failing to follow CDC guidelines.  

We would have to continue after the month shut down to continue to mask and stay away from crowds and wear masks until there is a vaccine and then we don’t know how effective such a vaccine will be.  WE ARE TALKING years of this stuff until the purge is completed.   I feel like this is what these idiots are doing.  Purging.

What IS it going to take to enforce some common sense as other countries have done?  WHAT?  

If Joe Biden wins, the problem will take years to even get close to normal.  

Like climate change, they close their eyes, and it doesn’t exist.

Like racism, it does not exist.

Like democrats, we are communists and the enemy and obstructionists.

I wish we had answers to this insanity but We the People are in the middle of a deadly Virus and we have a moron telling people to drink bleach.  I bet those folks on Rushmore are turning over in their graves.

So what is the answer?

Tell me please.  

I keep thinking of the line in Forrest Gump.  Are you stupid or what?  Forrest says, “Stupid is as stupid does”.  Run Forrest Run, because America has proven to be stupid.

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