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These are tough pandemic days for Art among other things but Banksy continues to work, even as people try to profit from it. Doubtless he has a response to the NFT (non-fungible token) trend for speculating on the value of purely digital artwork. It’s not that dissimilar to adherents of flat-earth theory in having bad premises for even worse logic. Everything’s gotten flattened these days, even the concept of artistic materials including the use of the raw materials of nature.


A video that Banksy shared to Instagram on Thursday — “Create Escape” ― parodies Ross’s hit television show, “The Joy of Painting.”

Footage of the prison piece being painted in the dead of night is shown with audio of Ross, making it appear as if the late artist is actually commenting on Banksy’s new art.

Street artist Banksy confirmed he was behind the new street art piece with a video featuring the late, great Bob Ross.

Actors Judi Dench and Stephen Fry are among the famous faces backing the bid, with “James Bond” star Dench last year saying “the idea of plays being performed, people learning and enjoying themselves, and a community coming together in a space that represented so much sadness and inspiration for Oscar Wilde himself is a beautiful one.”…

Informality is pleased to present From Nature. The exhibition shows a selection of works by seven contemporary artists’ from around the world who use materials as central contributors to how the works find meaning and do so with respect for the material themselves.

Artists include Forest and Found, Rain Wu, Jamie North, Nienke Hoogvliet, Peter Matthews, Jesper Eriksson and Harriet Hellman.
As the world’s countries are forced to recalculate its focus on support within their own economies and trade, this exhibition educates the viewer visually from the artists’ Interest in the significance of raw resource from a country for its properties before mining, farming or construction for fuel, in the exhibition, materials among the artists’ practice include coal, wood, root and bone pigment, slag, clay and even the ocean.
The world’s leading myrmecologist, E.O. Wilson, has put that and us into perspective as follows: ‘If all mankind were to disappear, the world would regenerate back to the rich state of equilibrium that existed ten thousand years ago. If insects were to vanish, the environment would collapse into chaos.’ Just now the former scenario seems all too probable, but if Jamie Norths, 'Forward Projection’ is a warning, perhaps we can take the actions needed to avert the endgame which North evokes. The artists of ‘From Nature’ provide a double contribution towards those actions: not only do they point to some of the ways in which we might start, they do so by channelling the aesthetic and conceptual richness which reminds us why – instinctive self-interest aside – humanity is worth preserving.…

Kaumera Kimono from Studio Nienke Hoogvliet on Vimeo.

UNEARTHED from Forest + Found on Vimeo.

Jesper Eriksson is a designer and artist based in London, interested in creating works that relate to the human, culture and material. Currently working solely with coal as a new innovative material for commercial interior spaces and artistic expression in installations. He creates a contemporary narrative from existing historical, socio-economical or cultural contexts. His process combines both a hands on material and experimental approach with an in-depth intellectual research.

His work has been exhibited internationally including the London Design Biennale in Somerset House, ArkDes in Stockholm and the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art in the US.

Coal: Post-Fuel from Jesper Eriksson on Vimeo.






My new favorite movie because it includes flat-earth theory.


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