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A thought looking ahead to 2020 election day

Imagine this. In heavily Latino precincts, ICE shows up and starts arresting people. It does not matter that they are American citizens, that they have picture iDs with them.  We have already seen ICE arrest American citizens. The idea would be to intimidate, to suppress


and yes by using ALL CAPS I am SHOUTING No, I am SCREAMING. By now everyone knows about the improper/illegal arrest of an American born citizen by ICE who even when documentation was provided to prove he was totally legal and a citizen was held

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Samantha Bee Demands Abolishment of ICE. Democrats Should Heed The Call.

ICE was created from the ill-conceived “Patriot Act” in 2003.  In the wake of rampant Islamophobia, immigration changed overnight from being an economic/labor issue to a national security issue.  The newly created ICE was headed by men who had spent years working anti-terrorism, and brought this