Coronavirus: First repeat patient recorded

Japan is now reporting that a female tour-bus guide has been diagnosed with COVID-19. Normally, individual infections aren’t news at this stage of the virus’s spread. Except that this patient was already being counted in the “recovered” population. She had contracted the disease initially in January, received treatment, and was declared recovered and released on February 1….

Trump uses racist mock-Asian accent at posh fundraiser

Pardon me for quoting from the right-wing, Murdoch-owned New York Post, but the juxtaposition of these two paragraphs is just perfect in its perversity. The setting — a recent big-money Hamptons fundraiser. I guess Trump assumed he was among his “own people.” Trump kept returning to hit back at the “fake news” media attacks on him,…

Trump wishes Japanese military a happy Memorial Day

And a very merry Christmas to all our Saudi friends! x Here is the video of Trump wishing the Japanese military on a Japanese military ship: happy Memorial Day. — ALT-immigration 🛂 RIP #sweetsophia (@ALT_uscis) May 28, 2019 Also, happy Fourth of July to the Queen!  Is Kushner on this trip? Because the last…

Now Trump is screwing up the Asian markets too

In the wake of media reports that China imported exactly zero U.S. soybeans in November (down from 4.7 million tons in November 2017) because of Donald Trump’s regrettable trade war — and following yesterday’s Trump-induced stock market plunge — Asian stocks took a tumble today. Seems Trump’s Christmas gift to the world was actually a regift….

WaPo: Trump told Japanese PM, 'I remember Pearl Harbor'

Yes, yes, yes, we defeated communist Japan. Don’t rub it in; they’re our allies now. Not sure if this means Trump believes he was literally alive for Pearl Harbor and recalls it going down, or if this is some kind of subtle threat that we could bomb Nagasaki and Hiroshima all over again, but either…