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How Trump's phony Mexico trade deal duped the press

Donald Trump lies about everything. So why do newsrooms still assume he's telling the truth, especially when he unveils grand initiatives? On Friday, Trump claimed he had reached a landmark last-minute immigration deal with Mexico, which meant he no longer had to impose the tariffs

The 'GoFundMe Wall' guy who raised millions from Trump supporters? See his new yacht

Remember that GoFundMe page to raise money to build Trump his wall? Well, this just got interesting: x Trump supporters are stupid  #MAGAmorons — TheSeminoleDemocrat (@TheSemDem) May 13, 2019 Brian Kolfage is supposed to be helping Donald Trump build a wall with the 22 million raised. No construction

OK Mr President, can you go over this one more time?

OK, I think I’ve finally got this shit figured out. The real reason that Dumbledork of DC keeps talking so much is because he’s finally figured out that rank stupidity is the only thing that he can continue to export without China and the European Union slapping a

Trump Is Still Screwing Up Trade.

While we are focused on government-sponsored child abuse, Hurricane Maria’s death toll in Puerto Rico, Mueller’s Russia Investigation, and the deaths of Senator John McCain and Aretha Franklin, looks like Trump thinks he can slap another $200 billion in tariffs on China next week, according